External Event Vs. Internal Event:

  1. An event is considered “external” if there is no associated purpose with the current administrative and academic objectives of the University.
  2. An individual or organization is considered “external” if there is no current affiliation with the University.
  3. Malone faculty, staff, and students who are affiliated with an external organization may request the use of a facility for the organization, however, if the event is external, appropriate fees will be charged.
  4. Event Services reserves the right to determine whether the requested event shall be considered internal or external, and may assess event fees, according to policy guidelines.
  5. Outside catering is not permitted in any venues on campus.  AVI Fresh has first right of refusal for all food and beverage needs on campus.  A reduced room rental rate may apply if a group utilizes AVI Fresh.

How to Reserve a Space for Your Event or Meeting

Event Services staff are happy to help you with the reservation process. Please have the following information prior to reserving a facility:

  1. Type of facility desired (i.e. reception room, lecture space, performance space, etc.)
  2. Date and time of proposed event (including set up and tear down)
  3. Sponsoring group name
  4. Complete name, phone numbers and address of responsible party, and faculty/staff adviser name and number for student organizations.
  5. Type of event
  6. Estimated attendance (your location may be selected based on the estimated attendance)
  7. Special requirements (audiovisual equipment, disabled, etc.)
  8. Admission charge or registration fee information (Internal: if charging a registration or entry fee, cost recovery fees will apply for sponsoring department)
  9. Food service/catering requirements
  10. Parking needs (for speaker or guests)
  11. Departmental account number (Internal audiences only)
  12. Technical rider for major events or concerts from speaker or performer
  13. If a portable sound system is required (indoor and outdoor events), a set up fee will be charged to either the sponsoring department or external group requesting the system.  $50 flat fee for set up and tear down or $25/hour if a Malone event services technician is required to run the sound system for the entire event.

Confirmation of your Reservation and Event Needs

  1. Assignment for use of facility will be based on factors including, but not limited to: a. Availability of facility b. Appropriateness and general feasibility for the facility for specific use c. Potential conflict with other activities (conflicting sound, crowd volume in common areas, etc.) d. Fulfillment of necessary requirements, including but not limited to payment of fees, proof of insurance, existence of completed use agreements, required approval of other campus departments, etc.
  2. Room reservation and setup needs will be confirmed via email in the form of an Event Summary. Please verify that all information is correct on the final "Facility Reservation Confirmation" event summary two weeks prior to the scheduled event.  
  3. Audiovisual requirements will be confirmed via email in your Event Summary.  Please verify that all information is correct on the final "Facility Reservation Confirmation" Event Summary two weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Important Timeframes Pertaining to Events

Room reservations may be requested no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled event. If the facility is available, the requesting group may use the facility with the existing set up.

  1. Room setup needs and audiovisual requirements may be requested no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Requests made beyond this deadline will not be accommodated by the Event Services staff. In the event that a late request cannot be avoided, the request must go through an approval process and a $100 late fee will be assessed to the appropriate department or individual. The Events Services office reserves the right to deny any event request that does not meet this policy guideline.
  2. A 48-hour notice is required for the cancellation of an event. Events that are cancelled without appropriate notice may incur a $100 penalty fee. (The cancellation policy also applies to audiovisual equipment.)  NOTE: For external groups paying a rental fee, failure to provide appropriate notice of cancellation will cost the requesting group the non-refundable room deposit.
  3. If A/V support is requested, the event contact must be on site to meet with the Event Services audiovisual technician (tech arrival time is indicated on your Event Summary). Failure to do so will result in a $25 penalty fee.
  4. Contractual Agreement for External Groups:
    • Event reservations are not permitted more than 12 months prior to the scheduled event.
    • All external groups must pay 50% of the room rental fee six months prior to the scheduled event. Contracts for events more than six months out must be signed and returned to Event Services no later than six weeks prior to the scheduled event to secure the facility. If contracts are not returned by the specified date, the facility will be released.
    • Contracts for events less than six months out should be signed and returned to Event Services immediately.  A non-refundable 50% deposit is due immediately.
    • For events requiring technical assistance exceeding a quote of $500, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required with the contractual agreement.
    • No new events may be scheduled if an outstanding fee is still due from a previous event

Venue Guidelines

The following rooms on campus have permanent configurations and cannot be changed for events:

  • Johnson Center Worship Center
  • Johnson Center Chapel
  • Silk Auditorium (Mitchell Hall 101)

  1. Capacities are established by fire and safety code, in conjunction with room configurations.
  2. Malone University houses a variety of lounges which are intended to meet the needs of our students by providing locations for socializing, relaxing, studying, etc. For this reason, lounges are not generally available for scheduling of special events. The Vice President of Student Development may make exceptions to this policy during weekends and other down periods.
  3. Due to sound issues, Event Services will determine if two events may occur at the same time in the Johnson Center Chapel and Worship Center.
  4. Food and beverage are not permitted in the Chapel or Worship Center. For this reason, table/chair arrangements are not an option in the Chapel.
  5. An Event Services audiovisual technician must be present when the audiovisual equipment is required in the Johnson Center Chapel and/or Worship Center. Training is provided for use of sound system equipment in smaller venues on campus.
  6. Time(s) for decorating must be arranged in advance, and is considered part of the reservation period. All decoration materials must be removed immediately following the event unless prior permission has been granted.
  7. In order to maximize safety, ingress/egress and technical needs, Event Services may determine specifics of setup needs, including such items as stage placement, etc.
  8. Malone University does not permit the use of candles for any events.

Outdoor Events

  1. Specific placement of the event equipment, staging, and other activities must be scheduled in advance through Event Services to ensure safe ingress/egress into adjacent facilities, as well as fire safety access to other parts of campus. Delivery of equipment and supplies must also be coordinated with Event Services, as driving and parking in specific areas is prohibited.
  2. Power availability for outdoor events is very limited.  Complete power specifications must be reviewed no less than three weeks prior the event.
  3. Equipment availability for outdoor events is very limited. Excessive equipment requirements (tables, staging, sound equipment, etc.) may entail rental through other outside resources. While Event Services will assist in the coordination of rental equipment, the sponsoring department or client will be invoiced for all necessary equipment.
  4. Requests for evening events in certain areas may be dependent upon limited lighting availability after dusk.

General Campus Policies

  1. Certain events may require a Certificate of Liability to be issued prior to the event naming Malone University as additional insurance.
  2. Malone may require additional safety measures be taken to provide adequate coverage and protection for certain events on campus such as guest speakers, high attendance that would generate additional traffic, etc. Sponsors of events are responsible for the costs related to the event.
  3. Malone does not permit smoking or alcohol anywhere on campus (inside or outside).
  4. No events or meetings which require room setup or technical assistance from Event Services are permitted on Sundays.