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Suzanne Nicholson

Contact Information:
Johnson Center 102 D

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies


B.A., University of Minnesota
M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary

Ph.D., University of Durham


Recent Scholarly Work

Present Ministry:
- Sue Nicholson teaches undergraduate and graduate classes, in both traditional and online formats, on a variety of topics in Biblical Studies (primarily focusing on the New Testament)
- She is also an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church and is a member of the East Ohio Conference
- She Nicholson also sits on the Board of Directors of Fire & Truth Ministries, located in Massillon, Ohio (Fire and Truth Ministries)
Research Interests:
- Her primary interest lies in the area of Pauline theology
- Her Ph.D. thesis is titled, “Dynamic Oneness: The Significance and Flexibility of Paul’s One-God Language,” and was published in fall 2009 by Pickwick Publications, a division of Wipf & Stock

Her husband, Lee, teaches youth ministry as an adjunct instructor at Malone; he is also a post-Christian missionary in Canton. They have two children.