CCO Trips & Opportunities

Experience India

A 21-day service and adventure trip.

The Himalayan mountain region you will hike in is considered by ethnologists to be 500 years behind South Asia. You will live in community with these villages, teaching English, working alongside them and hiking with them to high altitude meadows.  Guided and mentored by experienced leaders, you will experience God in a deeper way while learning what it means to love those less fortunate than you. Get ready for personal transformation and the opportunity to leave a life long impact in this remote and spectacular part of the Himalaya.

Trek to 15,000 feet through the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Experience high-altitude villages tucked into terraced mountainsides. Live among a people who are shepherds by tradition, making their own clothes from wool, growing their own food, building their own wood and stone homes, and following their own gods. Become part of the community of the villages. Learn how to love a culture entirely different from your own. Understand your own identity, community, and relationship with God in deeper and fuller ways. Experience India. Experience Life.


Destination: India

Activities: backpacking, teaching, cultural immersion, village homestays, experiential travel

Cost: ~$5,200

Dates:  May 9-30, 2017 (approximate, exact dates tbd)

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The Freedom Trail Cycle Trip

A two-week biking experience following sections of the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route.

The Underground Railroad Bicycle Route runs from Mobile, Alabama to Ontario, Canada. As we live and journey in community, we will explore the history of race relations in the U.S., get a glimpse of God’s vision for the diversity of His Kingdom, and grow in our relationship with Christ as we come to understand the freedom offered in the Gospel.

  • We will enter into conversations about God’s vision for the diversity and unity of His Kingdom. 
  • We will explore experientially what it means that Christ has set us free for the flourishing that is found in whole-life discipleship.
  • We  will encounter the places and stories of men and women who played significant roles in the fight for freedom. 
  • We will be challenged to think about our own lives and faith and what kind of living we have been set free to pursue.
  • Through the physical challenge of biking, we will experience a glimpse of the arduous journey taken toward freedom.
  • We will engage in the disciplines of celebration and lament appropriate to portions of the journey we are mirroring, and through engaging this with others, we will learn what freedom looks like in the context of a diverse community called to unity.


Destination: the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (through sections of AL, TN, KY, IN and OH)

Activites: road biking, visiting museums and significant historical sites, lodging primarily in cabins/hotels/b&bs 

Estimated cost: $1,900

Dates: May 19-June 2 (approximate, exact dates tbd) 

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Longing for Home

An eight- to ten-day experience which will explore topics of home and homelessness.

We will explore themes of home, community, privilege, and helpful service as we work alongside local ministries in Pittsburgh. We will also seek to apply what we learn to our day-to-day lives in the places we individually call home. Let God reveal to you a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 


Cost: $900

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Encounter Philadelphia

A two-month intentional community living opportunity for Christian college students to develop as kingdom leaders and to learn about what God is doing in the city of Philadelphia.

Encounter Philadelphia  provides the opportunity for you to grow personally in your faith and to develop a deeper vision for your place in an increasingly urban and global world. This summer experience will prioritize the areas of:

  • leadership development
  • city engagement
  • Bible study training
  • the global Church
  • community living

Over two months in the summer, you will work and worship in one community while being challenged to become a kingdom leader. Students will secure a part-time job or internship of their choice and live together in a large house while hearing speakers unpack the history and theology of the city. At the end of your time at Encounter Philadelphia, you will not only experience the joy of the city, you will have developed the character and skill to become an effective kingdom leader wherever you go.

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Encounter Columbus

A seven-week opportunity for students to grow through community living, discipleship experiences, and encountering the vibrant arts scene in Columbus, Ohio.

You will grow in your ability to articulate the Gospel and appreciate the arts as you seek the flourishing of the city. You will be invited to show the radical love of Jesus as you serve as a counselor with an inner-city children’s arts day camp. Develop an appreciation for how the Holy Spirit can use all forms of artistic expression to steward God’s good work!

  • Live in community with students and CCO staff members, engaging in hospitality, community development, discipleship, and leadership skills. 
  • Engage with local pastors to develop a deeper understanding of the grand narrative of Scripture.
  • Interact with Christian artists to grow in appreciation for the ways God uses all forms of art for His glory. 
  • Experience the robust arts scene of Columbus through its museums, galleries, concerts, productions, and festivals.  

Practice servant leadership by serving as a counselor with an inner city kids’ theater and music day camp program, Myti Oaks, which helps empower youth to share the Christian faith and build Christian community through engagement with the arts. 

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Experience New Zealand

A place untouched by human beings until the Maori people arrived approximately 1,000 years ago.

Learn about stewardship and creation care in a place where human beings' impact on their surroundings is so recent and so clear. Explore the meaning of joining in Christ's restoration of relationships: between the Creator and creation, between ethnic groups, and between human beings and creation. What does it look like to be a steward in these relationships for the flourishing of all? Cycle on the Alps to Ocean Trail, from the foot of Mt. Cook, New Zealand's highest peak, to the historical town of Oamaru on the Pacific Ocean. Hike the world famous Routeburn Track. Kayak the golden beaches of Abel Tasman National Park, where Europeans first made contact with New Zealand's Maori tribes. Visit the Creation Care Study Center and Te Papa National Museum to learn more about New Zealand's unique historical and natural history. Build community with students from a variety of universities, areas of study, and backgrounds. Learn what it means to steward your faith, your relationships, your time, your opportunities, and the created world, and why it all matters. Experience New Zealand. Experience Life.


Destination: North Island; Wellington, South Island; Christchurch, Queenstown, Kaikoura, Abel Tasman National Park, Fox Glacier, Mt. Cook Village, Oamaru, other areas

Activities: backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, cultural exploration, experiential travel

Cost: $5,200

Dates: May 10-31, 2018 (exact dates tbd)

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