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STEP 1 of 2: Pay Your $50 Deposit

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Click the button above to pay your deposit.  Please make sure to include your name and email so that the money goes toward your Jubilee 2020 ticket.  

You'll also use this button later to pay any remaining Jubilee registration fees.  

Please do not go to Step 2 of this form until you have paid your $50 deposit. Once you have completed this step, please return to this page and continue to Step 2.

If you have questions regarding this payment, please contact Linda Leon at lleon2@malone.edu.

STEP 2 of 2: Fill Out the Registration Form

Please click the button below to let us know all the important info about you.  We'll handle all of your conference paperwork so that you can focus on worshiping God with thousands of other college students at Jubilee!

Jubilee Registration Form