On finding love and hospitality: Haley Kool graduates as a triple major

For Haley Kool '17, Canton, Ohio was a long way from her home in San Clemente, California (as well as her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia). 

Though her new employers likely haven’t heard of Malone University before, they will now! 

The outstanding student graduated with a triple major in Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance. As a student here, she was also a resident assistant (RA) and played volleyball. 

Kool landed a job working for Skinner, Fouch & Olson LLP, a real estate accounting firm in south Orange County. She also has intentions of pursuing law school with the end goal of practicing real estate law. 

But as she looks to making “The American Dream” possible for others, she is open to the plans of the God who inspires her dreams. 

“Ultimately God is in control,” she said. “I’m continually learning what it means to submit to Christ and relinquish the control (that I like to think I have) and follow God's will for my life."

Kool said she will cherish her memories of her time at Malone, and is grateful for the ways Malone helped her grow in her faith. 

"As someone who was very involved on campus, I've had the privilege of witnessing just how wonderful the community is. Though 'community' is a buzzword in Christian higher-ed, I believe that it's something Malone does exceptionally well,” she said. “Whether it's a coffee conversation with an alumni, competing with teammates, growing deeper in relationship with my residence life staff and residents or being invited for dinner by faculty or staff, the love and hospitality of Christ is demonstrated on a daily basis."