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Cattell Library

Community Patrons

The Malone University Library invites adult guests to use our library for personal research. All visitors must abide by Malone's standards of behavior. Anyone whose behavior is disruptive, disrespectful or dangerous may be asked to leave. Children are welcome, but must have continued adult supervision.

Adults who live in Stark County or one of the surrounding counties can obtain a Community Patron Card. Patrons must show a valid picture ID and provide current address and telephone information. The cost of the card is $10 for the first year and $5 for each year's renewal. The fee for replacement cards is $5 per card. Original and renewal fees are waived for Malone alumni, Friends pastors, and spouses of current Malone employees.

General borrowing privileges
Community patrons may check out up to five books at once. Most items, Malone and OhioLINK, circulate for three weeks with four possible renewals if nobody else places holds on the items. Movies and curriculum materials are restricted for check out by current Malone students and employees only. Some OhioLINK audiovisual items circulate for one week with no renewals. General interlibrary loan privileges are extended to current Malone students and employees only. This includes all periodical articles as well as books not available through OhioLINK or OPAL. Check with your local public library for those interlibrary loan needs. Malone, OPAL, and OhioLINK students should use their own college or university ID cards instead of applying for a Malone Patron card.

Campus Computer Access
One computer is set up to access the library catalog. All other computers are primarily for use by current Malone students and employees. However, Malone alumni and current patrons at other OhioLINK institutions can ask to be logged on if there are any available computers. Alumni must have a current Malone Community Patron card and OhioLINK patrons must have their school ID to be granted computer access. Alumni who owe fines or overdue items must clear their library records to be granted computer access. Patrons will be asked to log off if all computers are full or if current students need to use them. In keeping with Malone's Christian principles, accessing or viewing pornography, gambling, or participation in online occult practices is not permitted.

Library Access
Although the library may remain open until 11:30 p.m. on weeknights and on Sundays during the regular school year, the library's outer doors are locked at 10 p.m. on weeknights and all day Sundays for security reasons. During those times, library access is limited to current Malone students and employees through the use of their Malone ID's in the card swipe lock. Community patron cards will not open the door. Other available hours are posted on our website.