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Cattell Library

Research Instruction

The library is committed to supporting information literacy through bibliographic instruction, faculty/classroom interaction, personal assistance and web-based tutorials.

We are happy to work with instructors/classes in designing sessions to meet specific needs. To schedule instruction submit a request form or contact Kristine Owens at xbjraf+znybar+rqh . A sampling of past work includes: 

  • Nursing student information literacy assessment

  • Project specific instruction in the classroom with hands-on follow-up in the computer lab

  • General orientation sessions

  • Interactive group work with students

  • Setting up Wikis for students to work with after the original orientation session

  • Incremental research skills teaching across several courses within a discipline

Information Literacy 

Malone graduates will demonstrate an enthusiasm for the careful acquisition of knowledge and application of that knowledge to lives of service. A Malone graduate will be able to define and articulate his need for information, be able to access the needed information effectively, be able to evaluate information sources critically and incorporate the selected information into his knowledge base and value system, and be able to use that information to accomplish a specific purpose, and as a responsible Christian, will use that information ethically and legally.

Information Literacy Plan 

Liaison Program

Through the library liaison program, librarians with specific subject specializations can provide academic departments with personalized service.

 For a listing of current liaisons, go to Staff and Department Liaisons link.