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Cattell Library

Special Collections

Friends Library

The Friends Library is a special division of the Everett L. Cattell Library and houses a diverse collection of Friends (Quaker) writings. Materials range from the historical to the contemporary and include Yearly Meeting Minutes, genealogical information, periodicals, reports and books. While numerous materials stem from the university's close relationship with the Evangelical Friends Church, the collection also includes Yearly Meeting Minutes and documents from Friends churches nationwide.

The collection is housed on the second floor of Cattell Library in the heart of the Malone University campus. Additional resources are located in the archives throughout the building. Reference staff are available to help interested individuals find what they need. 

 Materials in this library are available for student, faculty, staff and community patron use and are circulated on the same basis as regular books.

Additional Friends resources: 

Curriculum Library

In order to support students in the School of Education, a curriculum library has been established in the main library, which provides access to a wide range of educational textbooks and materials. Items are grouped by subject matter and grade level. In many cases supporting workbooks, teacher guides, and lab manuals accompany the items.

Curriculum materials are available for check-out to Malone faculty/staff and students only. Items circulate for one week. 

Juvenile and Young Adult Section

The main library building also houses a collection of juvenile fiction and non-fiction works for young readers. The collection contains a variety of items ranging from cherished favorites to contemporary authors, graphic novels, pop-up books and more. Fiction for juvenile readers and young adults is shelved separately, making it easier to find age-appropriate material. Books from this collections circulate to students, faculty/staff and community patrons.

Government Documents

As a partial depository for the United States government, the library houses a collection of government documents on the third floor. Examples include the federal register, congressional record, census and trade data. Many government documents are electronic and can be searched/accessed through the Malone Opal Catalog. For historical searching, government documents microfiche is kept on the first floor.