Alumni couple pours into the next generation

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Corey ‘10 and Kylee ’10 Maarschalk’s story may have begun in an 8 a.m. New Testament class during their first semester, but they both saw God leading them to Malone before they ever enrolled.

“I grew up in Canton and we drove by Malone every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning on our way to church, so we joke that Malone was ingrained in my mind long before college,” said Corey. “Two of my older brothers also attended, and I actually attended Malone as a post-secondary student during my senior year of high school. Malone was close enough to my church, Trinity Gospel Temple, that I could continue my leadership roles in children’s ministry and youth group, and that was important to me.”

“I learned about Malone during my senior year of high school and was immediately excited by it,” Kylee said. “I visited campus and developed a great relationship with my admissions counselor, who later gave me a chance to work with her as a work-study student. The environment of Malone's campus immediately brought me peace and I felt like it was right where I belonged.”

A business administration and outdoor leadership double-major, Corey was heavily involved in intramurals and Campus Crusade for Christ.

“Tanya Hershberger and Jack Harris were dedicated and supportive mentors of mine,” he said. “They were open communicators, encouraged me in my walk with Christ, and opened my eyes to various career paths.”

Kylee studied Integrated Language Arts and graduated with a 7-12 English Language Arts license. She also prepared to support her future students by serving as an RA in Fox Hall and a course assistant (CA) for Gen 100.

“Cindy Ries guided me in such beautiful ways through all four years and has continued to check in with me since graduation,” she said. “Her influence and encouragement have been instrumental in much of my professional and personal life.”

Married in 2009 and now living in Wilmington, North Carolina, the Maarschalks are adoptive parents to Seyla (7) and Myles (9), a pair of siblings who came into their lives as foster children at the ages of 2 and 4. Inside and outside their home, Corey and Kylee aim to show the love of Christ to children every day.

“I serve as the Youth Services Executive Director at the YMCA of Southeastern North Carolina,” said Corey. “We are an inclusive non-profit organization of men, women, and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility.”

Youth Services encompasses after-school programming, summer camp, preschool, sports, teen programs, and more. Each year, Youth Services impacts more than 5,000 youth in their community with more than 250 staff and 500+ volunteers. Under Corey’s leadership, programming has grown nearly 4,000%.

“Helping youth understand the holistic benefits of fitness and healthy living was ingrained in me at Malone,” he said. “By gaining the freshman 15, and the sophomore 20, through the gateway of an open buffet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Late Night, I learned that overindulging has consequences! I’m still not quite sure that I’ve found the right balance in all aspects of life, but I can certainly attribute an overall theme of balance to my Malone days. College life was busy between classwork, working multiple jobs, intramurals, and investing in our relationship. But as I’ve grown in my relationship with Jesus, my desire to keep perspective now starts and ends with prayer, and each day I do my best to make sure that my life is mission-focused and moving in a positive direction that glorifies Christ.”

Kylee is a National Board-Certified Teacher in her thirteenth year of teaching at New Hanover High School. She is also the yearbook adviser and lead mentor for the school, overseeing all teachers in their first three years in the profession.  

“During my time at Malone, I learned even more about the ways God connects all things together,” she said. “In my classroom, I take time to purposefully pray over each student's name and desk before they enter on the first day and continuously aim to show the love of Christ through my instruction, even when I can't overtly communicate my faith and beliefs. Living in the South, there are churches on every block, but not all of the children in our community know about the goodness of God yet. Corey and I both try to reflect and connect with God on how we can be vessels of His love through our daily actions and choices, and we try to share that same intention with our own children at home.”

Especially in the throes of everyday life, the Maarschalks step into each day with gratitude for their support system who covers them with prayer.

“Through our individual work, we support thousands of youth each year, and we support each other in our endeavors,” said Kylee. “We go to full-time jobs during the day, and then come home to our other full-time jobs of raising our kids and engaging in our marriage. Corey is competitive and goal-oriented, helping to lead our family well, and we feel the prayers of our loved ones as we work to make each day just a little more impactful. We want to show up, be consistent, and follow Jesus.”