Counseling professor earns leadership award


Katie Gamby, assistant professor in the graduate Counseling & Human Development Department, was recently awarded the Professional Leadership Award by the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA). According to OCA, “this award recognizes and honors persons who through their vision, leadership, and concern for others and the profession have strengthened, expanded, and enhanced the counseling profession within Ohio.”

Gamby was nominated for this honor by fellow colleagues and through written letters of support. She received the award at the All Ohio Counselors Conference on November 7. It was an honor for Gamby to be distinguished in this way. 

“I think what was most profound in receiving an award, and in particular, the Professional Leadership Award, was that I felt seen,” she said. “Someone acknowledged the work I’ve done for our profession and the community, and that gives me an overwhelming sense of purpose. I appreciated that someone saw the impact I was making and took time to recognize the importance of encouraging and increasing wellness for our clients and communities.”

Gamby came to Malone in August, but previously lived and worked in Toledo as a professor and counselor. 

“I am hopeful in my new role at Malone that I can continue making an impact in Ohio and develop new connections and friendships so we can work together to move the counseling profession forward,” she said. 

With experience on all sides of counseling, from practicing to teaching, Gamby knows that counseling is her calling. 

“I love the "aha" moments that I get to experience with clients and students,” she said. “It is incredibly enriching to me to see students dig into the course material and apply it to themselves. Counseling is much more than just helping clients, it is also about transforming yourself. This is one of the only jobs where it is just as important to do your own work as it is for the client to do theirs. I am so proud of our students as they face the hard circumstances in their lives and encourage their clients to do the same. They are true heroes and I learn from their bravery daily.”