Giving Thanks

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What Malone students say they're grateful for this Thanksgiving season

Ja'von King '22

The opportunity to be able to go to college, a loving family and friends, and just to be able to be here!

Madison Villegas '21

My faith and finding God. 

Jeneca Shar '22 & Chris Parker '22

My family and the people I've met here. (Jeneca)

My family and being able to go to college (Chris) 

Ashley Zehr '21

Jesus Christ and being surrounded by a community who cares and serves Him as well. 

Emilee Sanor '22

The community that music brings. 

Nick Hughes '22


Mallory Harmon '22

My mentors.

Ruthanne Brooks '19, Alexis Klinesmith '21, and Courtney Bates '20

Awesome professors who love and care about the well being of their students. (Ruthanne)

My very supportive parents. (Alexis) 

My friends - they are my family (Courtney)

Abby McManaway '19

Jesus & friends

Alayna Watson '21

Friends & family 

Katlyn Todd '20 with Benny the Bunny


Elyse Ludwig '19, Cathryn Miller '19, Hayley Ellers '20

Family, friends, and my mom's homemade cranberry sauce. (Elyse) 

My family is so supportive. (Cathryn) 

Snow! Also, my pets, my friends and family, and the delicious homemade foods I'll be eating over break. (Hayley) 

Sarah Evans '19, Kirsten Miller '19

My wonderful group of friends. (both)

Danielle Waibel with Javier, the Colombian black & white tagu

That my friends always know how to encourage me (and vice versa) as well as the awesome memories we've made together. 

Anna Kilian '20 with Leo the tortoise

The Malone Zoo for giving me lots of experience and quality time with animals. 

Elizabeth Selleny '21 & Nathan Delk '21

Nathan (Elizabeth) 

Liz (Nathan) 

Matt Barton '18

There are hundreds of things to be thankful for. Everything is a blessing - even the things we take for granted, like our beds, and our clothes, and a place to live. It's an opportunity and a privilege even to have two working arms, legs and eyes. 

Oh, and that I graduate in three weeks. 

Bryan Almestica '22

My family and how much they support me. And my girlfriend, because she makes me a better person and helps me in my walk with God.