Malone, Mount Union collaborate to safeguard computer services via OARnet

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Malone University and The University of Mount Union recently finalized a partnership which allows both campuses access to secondary space for the purpose of safeguarding computer services. Coined “co-location,” Malone information technology services are now backed up on servers at Mount Union (and vice versa) for safe keeping, made possible by a shared connection to the Ohio Academic Resource Network (OARnet). 

“In the event of a major disaster, Malone will be able to bring up basic services so that classes can continue online even if our campus data center is destroyed,” said Adam Klemann, chief information officer. “It will allow us to have business continuity while we recover our original data and will enable us to keep active for the purposes of emergency communication with our students and their families.”

Installation of Malone’s servers in Mount Union’s data center was completed over the summer. Mount Union has also placed equipment onsite at Malone.

“In this day and age, it’s a necessity to safely and sufficiently backup all data that is part of our daily operations,” Klemann said. “This initiative improves our ability to digitally recover in the event of equipment failure or other service interruptions.” 

As one of five institutions of higher education in Stark County, Malone is always seeking opportunities to partner and share resources with other universities in the region. 

“Partnerships like the one we’ve built with The University of Mount Union allow us to serve the greater community in practical and critical ways,” said David King, president of Malone. “Especially in times of hardship, it is meaningful to know that we can lend a hand or receive help from other local colleagues in higher education.”