Malone University launches new specialized MBA programs

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Malone University officials announced this morning the launch of new specialized MBA programs that are designed to equip professionals for the unique and specific demands of the 21st century workplace.

Available fully online or in a hybrid format, these programs can be completed in as little as 12 months and emphasize ethical management practices to provide graduates with practical groundwork for navigating any industry with integrity. These unique specializations are student-centered so that program participants can learn independently, strategically, and analytically according to their needs and interests.

“The world needs servant leaders now more than ever, and Malone University is excited to equip professionals across all industries to meet the needs of businesses that are learning to operate in a post-COVID19 world,” said David King, president of the University. "Our programs are market-facing and we are adept at bringing programs into existence that meet the needs of our community, our state, and our world."

Upon enrolling in Malone’s MBA programs, students will select the specialization that aligns with the professional experiences they have already gained to open doors for career advancement and increased leadership opportunities. Graduates of the programs will understand how to manage organizations, navigate data for effective decision-making, manage others, and resolve critical problems in business.

“Research supports that specialized MBAs have been growing in popularity among students and employers, and this has been affirmed by our business partners,” said Cindy Wilson, chair of the department of business and technologies. “A specialized MBA can provide students with targeted managerial experience in support of their career trajectory in certain niche sectors. This allows them to gain technical or professional expertise along with management skills. We look forward to expanding our offering of MBA specializations as we continue to study the needs of the current workforce.”

Specializations include:

Social Enterprise, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

This specialization will prepare small business owners, entrepreneurs, and those who are passionate about the impact of non-profit organizations to lead in innovative and meaningful ways.

Business and Data Analytics

For professionals who want to advance in the fields of financial analysis, accountancy, risk assessment, project management, or for anyone who uses data in decision making, this specialization provides students with a greater understanding of production, operations, and business information intelligence in a variety of industries.

Philanthropy and Human Resource Development

Developed especially for fundraising and human resource professionals, or any manager who is responsible for influencing and leading teams in the workplace, this specialization fosters skills to help graduates make ethical business decisions, increase conflict management skills, and inspire social change for the well-being of humankind within for-profit or not-for-profit sectors.

Malone’s MBA programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).