Students challenged to create Learning Spaces


Enhancing spaces on campus to foster community and nurture learning.

On Melody Scott’s recent reading list was Learning Spaces, a book about how physical spaces can impact learning. 

“So I challenged each RA staff to create a space in their building that both fosters community and enhances learning,” Scott, Dean of Students at Malone, said. “It was really fascinating to see what each group came up with.” 

Highlights included student-created art murals in Heritage, a “Pioneer Room” in Upper Gurney of Penn-Gurney-Barclay (PGB) that is freshly painted and has a new ping pong table and ice machine; a craft room in Blossom, and a prayer and contemplation room in Woolman-Whittier-Fox (WWF). 

“RAs were excited about creating these spaces that made their residence halls more homey and said something about who and where they were,” Scott said. 

In WWF, Myers Lounge also received a renovation, both indoors and out. Tables were added to a ‘front porch’ of WWF, and a fire pit and chairs were added to the quad.

“The fire pit is in use ALL the time,” Scott said. “It has quickly become a favorite spot on campus.” 

Additional campus improvements over the summer include: 

  • The creation of a virtual reality lab
  • Admissions Office entry & silo restrooms
  • Renovations to rooms, hallways, and restrooms in Penn
  • Track & field pole vault landing pit; construction of an arch
  • Greenhouse renovation