The meaning of social work


March is Social Work Month. To celebrate, we asked program graduates what social work has meant to them and how our program prepared them for their careers.

Amanda (Baird) Hill '09-

“Social work has allowed me to have a career that challenges me and fulfills me. Social work has meant for me a way to live my faith in a way that is not always outright witnessing; but witnessing through kindness, patience, and respect.”

Gina Bowers '09-

“Malone's Social Work Program is the ribbon that weaves through my career experiences and ties me back to a firm foundation of knowledge. In every challenging situation I enter into, I pull from lessons learned in the classrooms, four internships, and my wise professors whom I'm still connected to ten years after graduating. The four years spent in this program ingrained in me a Micah 6:8 approach towards social work which is to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly" and I am forever grateful for that.”

Sum Marie ‘19-

“Social work means to me the ability to be a voice to the voiceless, connect them with opportunities and resources, show the heart of Jesus through my actions, and be able to change lives.”

Taylor Hetrick ‘16-

“Malone truly showed me what a great social worker is through the great professors along with the faith-based learning opportunities.”

Pete Moraghan ‘11-

“Social work means to me, that you are given the incredible privilege of meeting people in their most difficult times, and working to help develop intrinsic strength. We are not here to change people, but to assist, guide, and empower individuals and groups to achieve justice over one’s struggles.”

Alissa Grass ‘06-

“Malone prepared me for my career by giving the opportunity to volunteer and intern in the community. The professors allowed for personally professional growth and encouraged our own thoughts and ideas. Malone gave me confidence to be who I am as a social worker with Christ in my heart.”

Alex Dutton ‘19-

“Social work, to me, is an avenue of self-expression where I have the privileged opportunity to use my personal experiences, passion and voice to advocate for the marginalized and the disenfranchised.” 

Jordan Davis ‘18-

“Malone has prepared me immensely for my social work career by teaching me the proper skills to competently care for the individuals I currently work with and to successfully become a licensed social worker. Malone has also helped me professionally in my skills as a social worker in dialogue and communication and in maintaining ethical standards.”

Leah 'Haas' Shultz ‘05-

“Social work means seeing the best in people, helping them find their strengths, bringing compassion to others, being supportive and connecting them with supports.”

Kelsey Garrett '19-

“The skills of the Malone social work program have been ingrained in my head and have allowed me to connect and work with my elementary students. I am able to work with a child and connect different theories I have learned from classes, which has allowed me to get a better understanding of the student and his or her environment”

Ashley Michele George ‘14-

“Social work means being the constant support system in our client's lives to help them make changes in their life. We are the first steps to client's healing when life is difficult.”

Brooke Gifford ‘14-

“Malone prepared me by having diverse internship experience, emphasis on compassion and client care and I notice being ahead of colleagues in my documenting skills/strategies”

Mary L. Stoudenmire ‘09-

“Social Work means utilizing what you have to offer as a person educated and trained in the profession to serve others.”

Lauren Markus '19-

“Malone opened doors for me; by having four different internships through the social work program, I was able to find my passion. I am currently continuing my education in graduate school with continued support from the professors of social work at Malone!”

Abby Bergey ‘18-

“To me, social work refers to the development of a set of skills that will be used to help others help themselves. It is based on the idea of working together to create a foundation of empowerment, positive change, and hope in individuals, communities, and society on the whole.” 

Caroline Hostetler ‘12-

“The professors at Malone prepared me well to say the least. I’m not only a better social worker but a better human. They genuinely cared for each student and they went out of their way to see me succeed. I’m sure they had their doubts at times with me but they never gave up on me and they never stopped challenging me. Specifically my social work professors but I had so many other professors that had a huge impact on my life in and out of the classroom.”

Jenny Bushnell ‘18-

“Social work to me is going into the depths of where the vulnerable are by meeting them where they are. It’s building an environment that facilitates empowerment while accounting for individual strengths.” 

Jocelynn Lenhoff Kataro '19-

“Malone's social work program prepared me so well for pursuing my Master's in social work. I feel very knowledgeable and prepared in my classes.”