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Term of Enrollment 2012-2013 Academic Year Coverage


All traditional undergraduate students who are registered for at least 12 credit hours are automatically enrolled in the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. The insurance fee will automatically be placed on the student's tuition bill. Claim forms are available online or at the Student Health Center. For ICS claims (athletic injury), please see the athletic trainers.

You may opt to waive out of the Malone Injury & Sickness plan by providing proof of comparable coverage. This can only be done online. No paper waivers will be accepted.

For Athletes, the ICS coverage (see cost section below) is mandatory, even if the Injury & Sickness plan is waived.

Waiver acceptance deadline for 2012-2013 ended 09.07.2012. Waiver deadline for the fee to not appear on the official fall bill is 07.16.2012.


$210 Annual II (08.01.2012* - 07.31.2013)

*08.26.2012 for students continuously insured from the previous policy year.

$175 Spring & Summer Enrollment* (01.09.2013 - 07.31.2013) *Students new to Malone.

$250 Mandatory Intercollegiate Sports Coverage (ICS) for Athletes (Later of 08.01.2012 or sport eligibility date - 07.31.2013*) *Coverage for intercollegiate sports injuries only.

$460 Combined Annual Injury & Sickness plus ICS (Later of 08.01.2012 or sport eligibility date - 07.31.2013*) 

See Term of Enrollment for 2011-2012