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Ecuador Service Learning Trip 2012

Dates: March 3-10, 2012

Trip Leaders: Nancy Varian and Beth Clark Thomas

Cost: TBA

Details: Designed specifically with education majors in mind, this trip will focus on schools and education systems as we explore the rich culture of Ecuador and its people. We will be staying in the beautiful, historic city of Quito, nestled in the mountains of Ecuador. The trip will showcase the natural wonders of this lush equatorial country and will include outdoor activities such as a visit to the Middle of the World (straddle the equator with one foot in each hemisphere), a view of the majestic architecture of the cathedrals and museums, a sky tram ride to the 13,000 foot summit at Telferico, and the Artisan Market. Our service project will be working with children at the Nuevos Amigos school supported by the Childreach Ministries. Nuevos Amigos serves children living in extreme poverty, providing a Christian education, meals, school supplies, vitamins, and clothing for over 125 children each day. Our lodging will be in dormitories.