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Educational Outcomes

The following are the educational goals for the Service-Learning Program.


Students will...

  • Recognize the influences of their own native culture as well as the implications of and responses to those influences. (GE Goals: A-1, A-2*)
  • Connect curricular content in both general education and major-specific courses to real life experiences. (GE Goals: A-4, D-2*)
  • Consider the multiple causes of poverty, the implications for the poor as well as the wealthy and possible responses to poverty. (GE Goals: B-3, E-6*)


Students will...

  • Perform service in the context of actual need. (GE Goal: D-5*)
  • Engage in appropriate and effective cross-cultural communication to develop meaningful relationships with hosts/nationals/local citizens. (GE Goal: E-4*)
  • Participate as competent members of a team. (GE Goal: D-5*)


Students will...

  • Believe that God loves the Creation in its entirety, including cultures represented among different people groups. (GE Goals: E1-6*)
  • Value collaborative partnerships with host/nationals/local citizens where students and partners serve and are served by each other. (GE Goals E1-6*)
  • Appreciate the beauty and complexity of other cultures. (GE Goals: E1-6*)

*Malone University's Educational Goals