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Kenya Service Learning Trip 2013

Dates: May 13 to June 1, 2013

Trip Leaders: Jay Case

David Dixon

Cost: Approximately $3,200 (does not include tuition)

Details:This trip is designed to engage the Christian faith in Africa, and will be grounded in an academic course on the history of Christianity among the cultures of East Africa.

Students who participate in the Kenya trip must also register for and complete all the academic requirements for the course GEN 225: Global Connections.


The trip will take us to the modern city of Nairobi, churches founded by a student of Walter and Emma Malone in the hills of western Kenya, and a mission station on the Great Rift Valley called Kijabe. We will meet Christian pastors, ministry workers and ordinary African Christians to hear their stories of how Christianity functions in African culture. We will also do some service projects, which will probably include interacting with children in an orphanage and perhaps ministry among domestic refugees. A trip to a game park will also be included.