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Spiritual Formation Credit Guidelines

Spiritual Formation Opportunities are part of what makes the Malone experience so unique. Spiritual Formation Opportunities facilitate students' experience and understanding of God's Truth through study of the Bible, exposure to corporate worship, and opportunities to understand the relationship offered to us in Christ.

Therefore, every full-time undergraduate student participates in Spiritual Formation Opportunities by earning 20 credits each semester. Students are expected to meet the 20- credit minimum by attending Spiritual Formation Opportunities. There are more than 70 opportunities from which to choose in the Fall 2013 semester. There are opportunities on most days and at various times throughout the day in order to offer convenience to all students. 

Students present their ID card at each Spiritual Formation Opportunity to receive credit; latecomers cannot receive credit. Credit accounts are maintained for every student via his/her MaloneXpress account.

If you feel as though you have cause for exemption or reduction because of an extreme circumstance, please complete the form that is found here. The application deadline for Spring 2014 semester is February 19, 2014.  Forms will not be accepted after this date.

If you are a senior completing your education via student teaching or an all-day internship, you may apply for exemption here.

Students not meeting the minimum expectation of Spiritual Formation Opportunities-- 20 credits per semester in most cases-- will receive fines on their Malone account. These fines will be assessed on the last regular class day of the semester at 5 p.m. The number of credits will determine the amount of the fine. For example, 19 credits = $35 fine; 18 credits = $70 fine, etc. The money received from these fines will benefit future Malone students attending the annual Jubilee Conference via the Office of Spiritual Formation.

Our office understands the needs of students and welcomes a healthy and productive discourse about Spiritual Formation guidelines at Malone. Please feel free to contact our office at 330.471.8441 or email us at spiritualformation@malone.edu or visit us at the Barn anytime.