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What does it mean?

Ichthys is the Greek name for the fish symbol that the early Church used to identify each other during the Roman persecution, and that modern Christians still use today (mostly on bumper stickers). We chose this name because it acknowledges the long history of the Church, and comes from a period where all Christians were united under the same faith.

What do we do?


Ichthys meets (generally) every other Sunday evening  pray together in a way that might be more familiar to you than the evangelical styles found in most Malone worship settings, and fellowship about our faith and lives.


Ichthys will be praying the Rosary on campus the fist Friday of each month. Location TBD.

Caffeinated Catholicism:

Ichthys will be meeting around 3 times per month on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm at Emma's (In the lower part of the barn) to discuss a range of topics. As a group we will discuss what topics we would like to discuss and go from there on picking a few each semester.


If you are in need of a ride to Mass or you want to go to Mass with fellow students Ichthys will help you get there.

Our first time being together will be on Tuesday, September 10,  at Emma's for Caffeinated Catholicism.