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Life Groups provide a time and place for students to receive personal discipleship from individuals with spiritual maturity, experience differing degrees of Christian community, and develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by studying Scripture, asking questions, and engaging in discussions.

Students are encouraged to register via the form at the bottom of this page to ensure your inclusion in the group of your choice. Registering ahead of time is encouraged but not required. Some groups are marked as *Closed. These groups must be joined at specific times. Please contact the leaders for details.

The following Life Groups are Spiritual Formation credit-bearing opportunities. Each group varies in the number of credits offered. Please refer questions about credits to the leader or to Rachel Hunka. Questions regarding the content of group meetings should be sent to the group leader.

Additionally, each Life Group topic and description has been decided upon by the leader. All leaders and topics have been approved by the Office of Spiritual Formation. Please note that group topics and teachings are not necessarily a reflection of the beliefs of Malone University or the Office of Spiritual Formation, but have been selected because of expressed student interests, inquiries, or requests. We value student input and want to do our best to offer groups and topics representing the diversity of our student body.

All groups are 50 minutes to 1 hour unless otherwise specified.

Sundays Leader Time Dates Location Description
Micah 6:8

Corey Easterday

Megan Tomkins

Kat Gritter

 7:30-9 p.m.  Every other Sunday beginning Jan.12  Heritage
Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly 
with God in the Canton community. The vision
of Micah 6:8 is to partner with residence halls
and student leaders on campus to create
opportunities for all students to serve in the
city around them and provide a space to
debrief their experiences. Practically, this
fleshes out through partnering with
RDs/RAs to help students find service
opportunities and transportation. Students
can attend any service opportunity, and must
have an attendance paper signed by the RD/RA
or service opportunity provider. Life Group
leaders will facilitate set debrief/teaching times.
Monday Leader Time Dates Location Description
Jubilee: What now?  Liz Hehman
Tanya Hershberger
 10 a.m.  Begins March 10, weekly  CC107
 For students who attend Jubillee and want to 
continue developing what they learned at the
 Exploring Spirituality in Nursing  Bethany Kubias  10 a.m.  Begins Jan 13, weekly  MH305  NURSING MAJORS This Life Group is for nursing majors to come together as a community and discuss matters of faith, spiritual care and how it applies to nursing.
 Doubt and Spiritual Growth  Steve Jensen  12pm  Begins Jan 13, weekly  Emma's, Barn 1st floor  We will explore the challenge of living with doubts and uncertainties in matters of faith and belief, starting from the premise that doubts can be invitations to spiritual and intellectual growth.  Open-ended discussions will be prompted by brief introductions to a variety of relevant issues and readings.  Our goal is not be to rid ourselves of all doubts, but rather to challenge each other to accept with courage and integrity the invitations to growth and new understanding that our doubts present to us, from whichever side of Christian faith we currently find ourselves.
An Introduction to Orthodox Christianity John Estes 5:30pm Open at the start, but closing eventually Emma's This six-week Life Group will read and discuss The Orthodox Church, by Timothy Ware, and along with the text explore elements and tenets of the Orthodox tradition. This will be a closed group, so participants are asked to commit to the group for its brief duration and to reading the book. The first, informational meeting will be on Monday, January 13, and is open to all who wish to learn more.
 C-3  Randy Heckert  7pm  Begins Jan 20, 8 weeks  Heckert Home
 "Beyond Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, and Tattoos"; 
a study of Christian discipleship that goes beyond
"skin-deep" to "heart-deep." *Information session
Jan 15 in the Round Room at 12noon.
 The Conquer Series
 Tracy Miller  7-8:15pm  Begins Jan 13, 7 weeks  CL49  MEN ONLY A cinematic series on sexual purity to offer men proven principles and biblical strategies, scientific facts, and practical tools to conquer pornography and other sexual sins and bondage, and to truly become CONQUERORS!
Penn Gathering
Bill Quigley 9:30pm Begins Jan 13, weekly Penn Lounge This gathering will be student led under the supervision of Dr. Bill Quigley. Sometimes we'll have food, maybe some games, but mostly it's a time to ask the questions about Christianity you may not be comfortable asking in other places


Tuesdays Leader Time Dates Location Description
The Anatomy of Sex & Relationships  Tammy Miller  10:30am  Begins Jan 14, weekly  CC104  WOMEN ONLY We will break down the reasons sexual purity is needed by examining how men and women are physiologically, emotionally, and neurologically designed. We'll also examine how we function within relationships and on the dangers of "casual sex"--emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The Word will be our foundation for all discussions.
 Caffeinated Catholics  Miranda Beran  7-9pm  Begins Jan 14, weekly  Emma's, Barn 1st Floor  Ichthys meet weekly to explore the ancient practices of the Church and how to live them out in our own lives, while giving a place for Catholics and Non-Catholics to dialogue and grow in their faith.
 Free Food James Thomas Talbert  5pm  Begins Jan 14, weekly  Deuble Room  If the church is a people and not a place, then what do these people look like? Free Food is a life group that explores who we are as the church and what that looks like in our every day lives.
 FAQs: Answering the Difficult Questions of the Christian Faith"  Bob Robinson  8:30pm  Begins Jan 14, weekly  Round Room, Barn 3rd Floor  Why doesn't God answer my prayers? If God is so powerful, why does evil exist? If God is good, why do people suffer? Everyone, at some point in their lives, find themselves troubled by questions like these. In our group, we will seek answers to the questions YOU have. You will anonymously submit your questions and we will work through them - with no trite phrases or pat answers.
Wednesdays Leader Time Dates Location Description
Thursdays Leader Time Dates Location Description
THE BIBLE Study  Sue Nicholson  10:20am  Jan 16-April 20, weekly  JC105  Each week this group will watch portions of History Channel's The Bible miniseries and compare the portrayal with Scripture itself. Our purpose is to think critically and creatively about how to appropriately interpret God's Word. 24 sessions over 2 semesters.
Scripture Memory  Mark Jakowski  10:30am  Begins Jan 16, weekly  MH307  Members of this group will support and encourage each other in the endeavor of  memorizing and retaining scripture using the Topical Memory System. PLEASE JOIN IN JANUARY. CLOSED AFTER JANUARY
 Remain  Lee Nicholson
John Moores
 12noon  Begins Jan 16, weekly  Conference Room behind the Fishbowl in the Johnson Center  MINISTRY MAJORS Youth Ministry is difficult, but manageable if one stays on the task of remaining in Jesus (John 15). If you are planning on student ministry as your major oe even in student leadership, why not join a Life Group with John Moores and Lee Nicholson? We are both seasoned youth pastors who have a passion for seasoning young student leaders.
 Biblical Masculinity  Mark Jakowski  12noon  Begins Jan 16, weekly Deuble (except March 27, Cafeteria that day)  MEN ONLY Exploring examples of biblical masculinity in the lives of Joseph, David, Daniel and other men of the Bible.
A Semester of Biblical Womanhood Amy Price 12noon Begins Jan 16, weekly Emma's, Barn 1st Floor WOMEN ONLY What is "biblical womanhood"...really?  Is Proverbs 31 all we can come up with?  Join us as we laugh, pray, and share as we discover who God created us to be.  This group will reference Rachel Held Evans' book "A Year of Biblical Womanhood," but purchase of the book is not a requirement.
Secret Church Rachel Hunka Nate Netti 7:30-9pm Jan 9, Jan 23, Feb 6, Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 3, Apr 17 (Thursdays opposite Celebration) First Gathering: CL49, All others Round Room (Barn 3rd Floor)  Every day Christians are persecuted around the world just for believing in Jesus, yet in the US we're given religious freedom. Why? Are we really free? Through discussions, this group seeks to build a global understanding of Christianity, as well as discover our personal responsibility as Western Christians.
Fridays Leader Time Dates Location Description
be:Justice  Amber Balash  10:05am  Begins Jan 17, weekly  Stewart Room  This group will be focused on seeing what scripture has to say about justice and mercy, and how this applies to our lives.
 Getting Unstuck  Rae Showen  10am  Begins Jan 17, every other week  Round Room, Barn 3rd Floor  WOMEN ONLY Staying Hopeful and Joyful and Thankful even when it's tough.
Relationships Rhonda Barrow 11:30am-12:45pm Begins Jan 17, weekly Emma's, Barn 1st Floor Learning to navigate healthy, Christ-centered relationships in all places: friendships, family, dating, engagement, and marriage. Feel free to bring your lunch or a snack!
Computer Science and Technology Geek Lunch Adam Klemann 12noon Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 14, April 4 Deuble (except Feb 7, cafeteria that day) The geek lunch is for anyone interested in a career in a technology-related field. We will discuss career goals and ideas as well as networking into technology driven businesses in the greater Canton, Akron, Cleveland area.