Spring 2021 Protocols


The links on the right (desktop view) and/or the "additional navigation" dropdown above (mobile view), provide new information related to ways we are adapting our response to lessen the spread of COVID-19. As the virus surges in our state, and in our country, it is necessary to strengthen our individual, group, and community practices to ensure that we can take care of each other and minimize its impact on the student experience.

Thanks in advance for your adherence to these new protocols. They were created, and adapted, after much conversation among members of our task force and with health officials such as Jim Adams, Canton City Health Commissioner. We also spent considerable time identifying the best practices for COVID-19 safety and talked with our counterparts at other Stark County institutions to see what we could learn from them. Our intent was to identify every option available to us.

We recognize that, in some instances, these new protocols create additional challenges for members of our community. Know that each decision was studied and prayed over. Each was difficult but necessary.

To facilitate better communication on COVID-19 issues, the Coronavirus Response Task Force will be hosting regular open forums to provide all members of the Malone family opportunities to ask questions. More information will be provided after the holidays.

On behalf of the Task Force, thank you for all that you are doing to help Malone through this difficult season of time.

Greg Miller
Chair, Coronavirus Response Task Force