Absence/Emergency/Travel Issues

  • Absence due to illness or emergency: Contact each of your instructors by their preferred method (phone or email) noted on the syllabi if you must miss class. Remember to follow-up for missed notes and assignments. If the class absence will be more than one day, you may document the illness or emergency with the Office of the Provost for a general notification to all of your instructors. 
  • Weather issues - The closing policy followed at Malone is much closer to that of business and industry - and other university - policies rather than public school systems. If Malone happens to close the campus or cancel classes, you'll see an announcement on EVERY page that starts with www.malone.edu/, and announcements will be made on stations WHBC 94.1 FM, WHBC 1480 AM, and various other news outlets.

When day classes are to be cancelled, the radio station will normally be prepared to announce the closing by 6:30 a.m. If evening classes are to be cancelled, an announcement will usually be made by 4:30 p.m. In either case, please do not call the radio station or the Malone number. The station usually makes an announcement on the air within a few minutes of our call to them. If you are a seasoned commuter, you know that the weather may vary considerably at different spots in northeastern Ohio. Hence, Malone may cancel classes when the weather at your home is not serious and vice versa. Often the deciding factor is whether or not the Malone crews will be able to have the parking lots open by 7:45 a.m.

Faculty members have agreed to give special consideration and help to commuters who, because of impassable roads, cannot get to class. We simply ask each commuter to evaluate honestly the road conditions in his/her area and to make every attempt to be present when Malone is open. However, we are not asking you to take undue risks.