Malone is committed to the arts through strong academic programs and many outlets for creative expression in music, visual arts, theatre, creative writing, and much more.

Creative Writing

The goal of the Creative Writing Program is to offer not only a curriculum conducive to the study of writing, but to build a culture where writers are supported and challenged to grow as artists. You will have opportunities to meet and work with visiting writers, to travel to conferences, compete in contests, to work on publications, and be part of an active arts community. 

Writers Series

The Malone University Writers Series brings authors of distinction and promise to campus for public readings and workshops so that students can engage with and learn from them.

English Program Fellowship

Malone’s English Program Fellowships are competitive, merit-based awards of up to $1,000 for students who plan to pursue English, Integrated Language Arts, or Creative Writing as a major or minor. Fellows are selected based on the quality of their writing and the strength of desire to develop their gifts through study and practice.

Literary Journal

The Quaker is an undergraduate journal of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, commentary, video, and photography.  It aims to be a dynamic, relentlessly interesting online magazine in which young writers and artists publish works of intelligence and beauty, examining the world without fear and relishes any attempt to get at what is true.


Film at Malone is storytelling with images—images that baptize your vision and make your eyes see the world in a new way.

Open Frame Film Festival

The Open Frame is a festival that screens one night of films to an audience of hundreds, typically held at the Canton Palace Theatre downtown. The Open Frame also is a film development program that helps students move through the production process, just as they would if working professionally.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Part of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) Best Semester™ program, the Los Angeles Film Studies Center exists to provide a space for people who are passionately driven to create stories. We train students in the craft of expressing their authentic voice while walking out their faith journey.


The Department of Music offers majors in music, music education, music ministry, and music production. Certificate programs in piano pedagogy and voice pedagogy are also offered and scholarships are available through audition.

Our Music programs are notable for the depth and breadth of opportunities they offer, no matter what type of music career you’re seeking. Performance and composition are important pieces of the overall masterwork that you’ll create: a successful career in the field where your God-given talents lie.


Performance Opportunities: Music Ensembles

The Johnson Center is home to state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms for Malone’s music ensembles and performance groups. Malone students have the opportunity to participate in ensembles that perform at high levels. Some groups travel and tour each year. Ensembles include University Chorale, Chamber Choir, Women’s Concert Choir, Men’s Glee, Opera Theatre, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Piano Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Strings Ensemble, Commercial Recording & Performance Ensemble, and Music Ministry Experience.


To pursue what you love or to get a ‘real job?’ At Malone, you can do both! With a theatre concentration, you can pursue your heart’s desire, and as a communication arts major, you can apply your marketable theatre skills to a multitude of career choices.

Performance Opportunities: Theatre Productions

At a larger university, students may go through their entire academic careers without having a chance to actually participate in the production of a play or musical. Not at Malone! Two major productions a year mean that everyone can contribute to the excitement of the stage.

Other performance opportunities include 24-Hour Theatre, Ten Minute Play Festival, Dinner Theatre, Improv Comedy, and multiple student productions and projects.


First Company

First Company is a designated section of Applied Theatre (COMM 240) for first year, first semester students who are specifically interested in theatre and a peer-mentoring, learning community. 

Alpha Psi Omega

Malone students have the opportunity to participate in a national theatre honorary. Alpha Psi Omega (APO) wants to help students who are interested in theatre reach the highest accomplishments, envisioning all that helps them to “seek a life useful” (the APO motto), striving to seek the highest goal of any artists—to serve.


RSVP is an annual, powerful project from two creative disciplines that combines a visual experience and the written word. Creative writing students compose written works. Visual Arts students create pieces of artwork. They then trade projects. Art students respond with new art inspired by the writing, and writing students respond with new writing inspired by the art. The final projects are displayed in the Fountain Gallery as the RSVP exhibit.

Visual Arts

The Department of Visual Arts invites you to explore a major in art history, fine arts and crafts, or graphic design and visual arts; a minor in art; or an art concentration within a liberal arts degree.

This is your opportunity to turn your love of art and creative expression into a career that honors your God-given talent and passion.


Malone supports several spaces on campus for students to showcase projects. These spaces include:

•The Fountain Gallery–located in the Johnson Center lobby

•The McFadden Gallery–located near the Johnson Center dining room

•The Malone Art Gallery–located in the upper level of the Johnson Center

•Art-in-a-Case–located in the Cattell Library

The Malone Art Gallery is the newest space on campus available for displaying student artwork.