Campus Safety Policies

Safety & Access to Facilities 

The Director & Assistant Director of Safety works in cooperation with the Physical Plant staff to maintain a safe campus environment. The Director of Campus Safety makes recommendations for the maintenance of grounds to remove potentially dangerous areas. The Safety Department members also report any needed repairs to the Physical Plant which include, but is not limited to, broken items such as: lights, locks, windows, doors and other safety problems.  

Physical Plant is responsible for maintaining records of all keys to individual rooms in residence halls. Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and individuals can enter by the use of an ID card. There are video surveillance cameras in all entrances of the residence halls which records students entering and leaving the building. 

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drugs 

Abuse of and addiction to alcohol and drugs are extremely harmful to people’s health and relationships, and intoxication breeds irresponsible behavior toward others.

Malone prohibits: 

  • The possession, use, distribution, purchase or sale of illegal or unauthorized drugs or controlled substances, or being under the influence of any such substance. Drug-related paraphernalia is also prohibited.
  • Using or being under the influence of alcohol while on Malone property, while conducting Malone business, while engaging in Malone related activities, or while operating or riding in any vehicle owned or supplied by Malone. Malone officials may conduct drug and/or alcohol testing of students without prior notice. For further details, refer to the Malone University “Substance Use and Abuse Policy for Employees and Students.” 
  • Malone discourages the use of tobacco or alcoholic beverages for all members of the Malone Community

Firearms and/or Any Other Weapons 

Firearms, ammunition, knives, martial arts weapons, hunting bows or arrows and/or any other weapons are not permitted in the residence halls or on Malone property, except as required by law. Permission may be granted from the resident director (RD) to store minimal hunting equipment. Violators are subject to fines, removal from housing, and/or other disciplinary action. Information concerning how to build weapons is not permitted on Malone property.

Sexual Respect & Title IX

Please see the policy on Sexual Misconduct - Title IX and the Student Handbook for current information. You may find the link here.