Reporting Sexual Misconduct

What to do if you experience sexual misconduct, sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking:


  • Get to safety. Your RA’s room, a friend’s place, or any open office on campus.
  • Call someone you trust. A friend, family member, or victims advocate are good resources. You do not have to go through this alone.
  • Preserve evidence. After sexual violence, do not shower until you have considered whether to have a no-cost forensic sexual assault examination at the hospital, and save the clothes you were wearing (unwashed) in a paper or cloth bag. After sexual violence, relationship violence, and/or stalking, take photos of any damage or injury and keep communication records. 


  • Seek out confidential support. You may want to turn to a confidential advocate or counselor for support and advice. They will talk with you about your options for additional support services and reporting. The Malone University Counseling Center offers confidential, no-cost support and advocacy to men and women. Staff can help identify resources and options. After unwanted physical contact, get medical attention. A medical provider can check for and treat physical injury, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy. You do not need to make a formal report or press charges to receive medical care.


  • Survivors of sexual misconduct have the right to report conduct in violation of the Policy either to the University, law enforcement, or both.


Survivors of sexual misconduct are encouraged to report sexual misconduct. To do so, you may contact any of these individuals:

  • Melody Scott, Chief Officer of Student Affairs, Title IX Coordinator
  • Tony Schnyders, Dean of Community Life, Deputy Title IX Coordinator.
  • Anna Meadows, Director for Center for Student Success, Deputy Title IX Coordinator.
  • Jennifer Bilek, Director of Human Resources, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees.
  • Campus Safety Officer
  • Anonymous complaints can also be submitted through Campus Shield Safety App on your phone.

How to Report Sexual Misconduct to the University:

All University employees other than the Confidential Resources listed who receive a report are required to report all details of the incident to one of the Title IX Response Team. All reports will be handled as respectfully and privately as possible. The University will make every effort to honor requests for confidentiality, but must weigh such requests against the University’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment.

  1. Each person who files a complaint should submit a detailed written, signed complaint as soon as is reasonably possible, in order to enhance Malone’s ability to conduct a full and fair investigation. Written reports can be sent to Melody Scott, the Title IX Coordinator. 
  2. Upon receipt, the written complaint will then be reviewed by appropriate Malone officials. 
  3. A reasonably thorough and appropriately confidential investigation will be conducted involving the complainant(s) and respondent(s).  
  4. Appropriate action will be taken as a result of the investigation. 

Reporting Sexual Misconduct to Law Enforcement

Survivors of sexual misconduct are also encouraged to contact law enforcement authorities (e.g., by calling 911), including local police, about possibly filing a criminal complaint. Complaints may be made to the Canton Police by calling (330) 649-5800. The Title IX Coordinator/Discrimination Complaint Officers, Confidential Advisors, and Public Safety officials are available to assist students, employees, and others in making contact with appropriate law enforcement authorities upon request, or to assist individuals who have further questions. Except in the case of an allegation involving an individual under the age of 18, the University will not contact law enforcement without the student requesting the University to do so. Any pending criminal investigation or criminal proceeding may have some impact on the timing of the University’s investigation, but the University will commence its own investigation as soon as is practicable under the circumstances

Seeking Medical Attention

Survivors of sexual violence are encouraged to seek immediate assistance from a medical provider for emergency services, including treatment of any injury, testing for and treating of sexually transmitted infections, and to collect and preserve physical and other forms of evidence. Seeking medical attention helps preserve the full range of options, including working through the University’s Complaint and Resolution Procedures and/or filing a criminal complaint. Many services regarding sexual violence are free. Local medical assistance can be obtained at the following locations: 

Aultman Hospital 
2600 6th St SW, Canton, OH 44710
Phone: (330) 452-9911

Mercy Medical Hospital.
1320 Mercy Drive Northwest, Canton, OH 44708

An individual may choose to allow the collection of evidence by medical personnel even if he or she chooses not to make a report to the police. In order to best preserve forensic evidence, it is recommended that an individual not shower, bathe, douche, clean, use the bathroom (if possible), smoke, or change clothes or bedding before seeking medical attention, and that medical attention be sought as soon as possible. If the individual decides to change clothes, s/he should bring the unwashed clothes worn during the incident to the hospital or medical facility in a clean paper bag