What does it mean when Malone classes are delayed?

When Malone University has a delayed start for any reason, it means that everything before the start time has been cancelled. 

For example, suppose Malone has a delay for two hours on a Friday morning, and a student's schedule was: 

8 a.m. - class 

9 a.m. - class 

10:05 - SFO 

11 a.m. - class

The 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. classes would be cancelled, but the SFO would still be offered, and missing the 11 a.m. class would be considered an absence. For commuting students, please know that YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST, and if roads are not passable where you live, please stay home! However, please contact your professor right away to make up the work. 

For any additional questions, please email provost@malone.edu