Daniel Frase '23, Exercise Science

Daniel Frase ‘23, an exercise science major, knew the cross country and track team was a main drive in his decision for Malone.

“I was looking into schools where I could continue running at the collegiate level. Malone was one of those schools where the coaches saw potential in what I had to offer,” said Frase. “I ended up coming on an overnight visit with the cross country team, which happened to be the same night of one of our team's most notorious campus-held activities, Krampus House. Seeing Krampus House for the first time gave me an idea of the team’s dynamic; a work ethic with a splash of a wild side.”

Krampus House is a traditional celebration offering a combination of Christmas and horror-filled events held by the Malone Men’s Cross Country team during the week of Winter Finals. Since Frases’ commitment to the team, he has been a huge help in putting together the event for the community of Malone. 

Although Frase is no stranger to faith, he’s been open to exploring how he lives his life in the image of Christ while at Malone. Malone offers supplemental resources that help students, like Frase, learn how they can live their lives through a biblical perspective. 

“Being at a Christian university with a Christian faculty has taught me how to perceive the duality of man. When we encounter people in public we tend to make judgments on the spot of what kind of person they are, when we should realize all are naturally sinners,” he said. “Malone has also taught me life advice by encouraging me to keep up on the Word. I’ve learned more about how to manage friends and relationships through God’s advice so I can be a better rounded friend or husband in the future.” 

Frase seeks to live these lessons out through being enlisted in the Army Reserves. Balancing school, athletics, and military duties, Frase has been pleased to see the grace Malone has provided him to see success in all areas of his life. 

“A commitment that I expected to be harder to manage has been easier as a result of communicating clearly what I wanted to achieve to my professors. The Malone faculty has been tremendously understanding and helpful as I attend to my duties in the Army Reserves while pursuing my academic and athletic career. This experience has also helped me develop a sense of how I need to formulate a schedule for success. Nothing is impossible for students to accomplish if they’re working with a good routine.” 

Frase participates in several activities in and outside of Malone. Some days may seem harder than others, but Frase advises students to expect times where things may not be easy.

“A growth mindset has been the golden rule for my busy schedule. Those tough running workouts, certification tests, or Army duties are environments I have been put in by God to better my character. I always make a plan and stick to it. I encourage everyone to be prepared at times for changes to occur; it’s always best to know what you are wanting to do before you do it. The payoff is worth the amount of work you put in!” 

Frase plans to continue his focus on the Army after graduating from Malone. He also plans to marry his girlfriend and begin  a career in athletic training after duty.