Emily Mauck '21, Social Work

Emily Mauck ’21 always knew she wanted to impact the world through working with at-risk teen girls. Now, she is gaining real-world experience in pursuit of her calling through an internship and work as a resident assistant.

Mauck wanted to pursue a social work major at Malone because she loves to help others. “I knew it was a good program where I could work with people from all walks of life,” she said. 

During her sophomore year, Mauck’s professors helped her gauge her interests and encouraged her to pursue an internship with Hannah’s House 119, a non-profit organization focused on assisting at-risk teen girls in Stark County. The four-month placement allowed Mauck to participate in a mentoring program with the girls.

“I was surprised by how open the girls were to talk about their lives,” she said. “They had gone through so much, yet they were incredibly strong.”

Through forming relationships with the girls, Mauck realized that something as easy as taking time to listen can have an impact.

“As a social work major you have to be able to truly hear what others are saying, because sometimes people just need to be heard,” she said.

Mauck has been able to transfer these skills into her work as a resident assistant in Fox Hall on campus. 

“I love working with the women around me through fostering the residence life community,” she said. “We are all growing together in our faith and that inspires me to be a light for Christ in my daily life.”

After graduation, Mauck hopes to continue to work with at-risk teen girls by being a positive influence in their lives. 

“I am especially interested in working with a mentoring program after completing my internship,” she said. “Being placed in environments directly related to my future goals has allowed me to learn what to do and how to be the best person I can in whatever role God gives me.”

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