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Job Search Tools

After you've determined the type of position or career field you'd like to pursue, the next step will be to determine where you'd like to work. The broader your target area, the more likely you are to find the position that matches with your career goals.

Conduct research on your desired career field and learn as much as possible about the employers within this field.

A common problem for most job seekers is knowing where to find vacancy listings. There are many ways to go about conducting a successful job search, one of which is to go to College Central Network. The following is a brief list of other ideas to help locate the names and addresses of potential employers.

1. Develop a network and utilize it

2. Review local newspapers, survey publications or journals of professional association and read trade magazines

3. Contact the local Chambers of Commerce

4. Research company profile information

6. Consider relocating to another region or state


Links to other web sites for job search information


Salary Calculator

When a job offer is made and the salary is revealed you now have some research to conduct before you accept the offer. To find out what other people are making in your career field click on the links below to research the salary and benefit ranges for your field and geographic location to determine if you are receiving a fair offer. In most cases you will find that you are indeed receiving a fair offer, but occasionally you may need to make a counter offer based on your research, which should be provided during the negotiation process.