Faculty Director & Student Mentor Bios

Our team of knowledgeable faculty members and current students are excited to meet you and work with you during Camps Week!

Ebenézer (Eb) A. de Oliveira, Professor of Psychology


"Since my youngest child has been in college, I've been really enjoying my spare time with my one-year-old grandson Isaque and teaching elementary school students at church. Now, the chance to coordinate this Psych Camp for high school students is like the icing on the cake! I can't wait to delve into discovery and experience-based learning with them!"




Student Mentors

Vaughn Foster '18

Why are you excited for camp? Psychology is awesome and a whole camp about it is even better!

What is your favorite thing about Malone? The professors, they really get to know you.

Favorite breakfast cereal? Granola

Tori Hall '18

Why are you excited for camp? I'm excited to share my passion and have a blast!

What is your favorite thing about Malone? Emma's because it's a great place to study and hangout!

Favorite breakfast cereal? Trix