Camp Staff

Welcome to academic summer camps at Malone University. It is our goal to help you have a blast while you are here!

Professional Staff

Connie Brannon, Academic Camps Director

"Throughout Camps Week, I love to hear stories from the campers, their families, our staff, and our faculty... stories about what they are learning, the friendships they are building, and how Malone played a role in helping them have 'the best summer ever.'"

Cindy Lundin, Event Services Coordinator

"My favorite part of Camps Week is the evening social activities. It gives me great joy to watch high school students enjoy some of our favorite Malone traditions, like the giant game of musical chairs and our messy olympics."

Emily Kublin, Resident Director

"I'm so excited for summer camp! I am looking forward to seeing students find their passions and explore possible majors while having fun! This will be a great opportunity to meet new people and gain friendships."

Student Advisors

Carrie Domer '18

"I love to be around students as a leader and as a friend. I'm a youth leader at my church, but I'm not able to go to their conference this summer so I'm super psyched to be at camp!"

Noah Fisher '19

"I am a resident assistant at Malone, and I love to share Malone's best with those who haven't experienced it yet!"

Taylor Lundin, BWU '19

"I'm an Early Childhood Education major, and have spent many summers on Malone's campus with my mom, Cindy. I can't wait to meet our new class of campers-- we're going to have a blast!"

Samantha Shisler '18

"I can't wait to spend a week at Malone for Academic Camps! We want you to have fun while you're here and I plan to help that happen."

Drew Shreve '18

"I want to help our campers feel welcome and at home on our campus while they're here. It should be a fun week of learning and new friendships."

Mitchell Spotleson '18

"The best part of my Malone experience, by far, is the people in our community. For Camps Week, I get to be a welcoming Malone face for campers who haven't been here before!"

Michael Somody, BWU '19

"I want to help our campers feel comfortable and have fun during the week that they're here."

Drew Takacs '20

"We are going to have a great time this week! I can't wait to show you what's awesome about Malone while we make new friends."