Disciplinary procedures

In order to ensure that all campers can enjoy a positive academic camp experience, prompt action will be taken when behavioral issues occur. The misbehavior of one camper, or group of campers, won’t be permitted to negatively impact the camp experience for others.

First offense: Campers failing to adhere to camp rules, or exhibiting behavior obviously intended to annoy or endanger other campers, will be privately and formally warned by a Student Mentor. This warning will inform that subsequent misbehavior will result in a formal meeting with the Academic Camps Director.

Second offense: Subsequent misconduct will result in a meeting with the Academic Camp Director, and a warning that further misconduct will result in removal from camp. At this point, the Academic Camp Director may contact the parent/guardian to advise him/her of the situation and the possible need to pick up the camper upon further misconduct.

Third offense: Any additional inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion from camp.

These are general guidelines for disciplinary protocol, and Malone University reserves the right to handle each situation individually to best serve the needs of all campers. Any of these steps outlined above may be omitted or repeated at the discretion of the camp staff.

Campers dismissed from camp for disciplinary reasons will not receive a refund of their registration fee.

This procedure is intended to provide a reasonable and consistent method for dealing with the type of behavior that can be disruptive to a camp, but is not so flagrant as to warrant immediate dismissal.

Malone University reserves the right to search the possessions of minors on campus should there be reasonable suspicion or knowledge of illegal substances in a camper's room or possession.

Malone University reserves the right to immediately expel a camper for more serious violations to campus policies or for jeopardizing the safety of other campers or camp staff, which may include but is not limited to: inflicting physical or emotional harm on self or others, vandalism or destruction of University property, theft of University property or the property of another campers, possession of alcohol/drugs/weapons, fighting, sexual harassment or misconduct.