Canton Area Arts

An Environment to Excel In

Just as iron sharpens iron, great designers are made through the refining creative friction found in small working studios with other motivated students and exposure to new ideas in the arts.

The Canton and Akron area offers an inspirational environment for developing artists with a collection of museums, such as the Cleveland, Akron, and Canton Museums of Art, as well as smaller local galleries. As a student you will be in close to numerous opportunities to take in a wide variety of creative voices. Connect with the Canton downtown Arts and Music District for First Fridays, ballet and theatre performances, local art galleries, and more.

Below are just a few of the arts opportunities in the greater Canton area.

Canton Art Museum

Palace Theatre

Players Guild Theatre

Canton Ballet

Canton Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Saxton Photography Gallery

Canton Arts District

Canton First Friday Arts EventS

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Fine Arts & Crafts Major

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