Student artists studying in Visual Arts have access to multiple creative spaces for studio classes, critiques, and collaboration. Housed within the Johnson Center for Worship and the Fine Arts, the Visual Arts spaces all have access to beautiful, natural light. The interior studios feature large windows which look over the outdoor courtyard. Although a relatively small program, we are blessed to have a generous amount of space to be creative in!

Digital Design Space

Our digital studio is equipped with several Macintosh workstations and includes laser and professional-level inkjet printing. Tables in the center provide space for class discussion in the ample 880 square foot space with HD projection and quality sound.

Ceramics Studios

Our popular ceramics courses are housed within two adjacent studios for a combined working space of 1,320sq feet. One studio is mostly used for hand-building while the other includes a number of potter's wheels.

Drawing & Painting

The Drawing (1,000+sq/ft) and Painting Studios (1,632sq/ft) are located directly next to each other. The Painting Studio offers modular, individual spaces for students to call their own throughout the semester. The Drawing Studio is also home to our two printmaking presses as well as still-life materials and casts.

General Studio

A general purpose studio with desks with windows overlooking the courtyard is used for a variety of courses both in the foundation and upper-level study. This smaller room (576sq/ft) is perfect for limited class sizes and discussion.

Art History

Our shared lecture space, across from Drawing & Painting, also overlooks the courtyard, and is perfect for smaller courses.

Wood Shop

Our small wood shop is home to a number of wood-working tools and supplies. Mainly utilized by our 3D Design course, but is available as needed for other courses.


In Visual Arts we have two primary exhibition spaces: The McFadden Gallery and the Malone Art Gallery. The McFadden is a hallway exhibit space, with 134 feet of display area, is directly across from the large conference and dining room on the first floor. The Malone Art Gallery, on the second floor with the rest of the studios, is a lockable exhibition space with over 1,150 square feet of room for shows and receptions.