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With 91 undergraduate majors and minors, 11 graduate programs, and 7 pre-professional programs, Malone University has something for everyone.

Featured Programs:

Family Nurse Practitioner (M.S.N.)

Improve access to quality healthcare for patients and their families by becoming a family nurse practitioner.

Educational Leadership (M.S.Ed.)

The Masters in Educational Leadership program prepares teachers to become leaders in curriculum, instruction, classroom management, and other critical areas in education and can lead to the Principal license.

Communication Arts

Master a skill set focused on effective speaking, strong and clear writing, teamwork and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, and work ethic and professionalism.

Criminal & Restorative Justice

Our Criminal & Restorative Justice major places importance on the study of restorative justice, which seeks to move beyond the simple idea of punishing criminal behavior. When a wrong has been committed, restorative justice emphasizes the wider issues of supporting those who have been harmed and restoring the offender within society after restitution has been made.

A four-year degree will help you move beyond entry-level positions: a bachelor's degree often is a requirement for career advancement and promotion. The bachelor's degree also opens opportunities at state and federal level agencies.

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