Malone values learning together in Christian community.

Here, you’ll not only study with your peers and professors, but you'll learn and do life with your resident directors, the people who make your meals, those who pray with you, and those serve you in the financial aid and business offices.

You’ll be challenged to ask good questions. You’ll be pushed to think in new and different ways. You’ll be called to embrace knowledge that explores the larger world and your place in it with courage, integrity, joy, and wonder. 

If you’re searching for an education that integrates faith and learning, one that will prepare you for a successful and meaningful career—and life—consider Malone.

Academic Distinctives

Areas of Study

No other institution will take as much delight in helping you discover God's calling for your life than Malone University will.

Student with reptile

A Universe of Knowledge

With dozens of degree programs to explore, you’re sure to find a course of study that will inspire you.

What’s at the heart of a Malone education?

As a Christian university with a highly respected liberal arts core, Malone is deeply committed to intellectual growth in the context of the Christian faith.

A Malone education will challenge you to:

  • Explore and critically engage the bodies of knowledge and cultural influences that have shaped the world.
  • Understand the biblical, historical, and theological foundations of the Christian faith.
  • Think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively, in multiple contexts.
  • Gain expertise in at least one profession or academic discipline and lay the foundation for meaningful work or further studies at the graduate level.
  • Explore the implications of the Christian faith for all areas of living, including intellectual, spiritual, and community pursuits.

“I’ve had the privilege of receiving wisdom from authentic professors who are as concerned with my spiritual growth as intellectual gain.”

Johnathan Zapata ’16