Pendle Hill Pledge

Commitment to your vocation through mentoring, experiential learning, and career support across the curriculum.

What's more important: preparing for a career or finding your life purpose? 

At Malone University, you don't have to choose.

Every undergraduate will have at least four vocational-focused educational experiences:

  • career-focused personality inventories
  • one-on-one mentoring with faculty
  • education in the practical skills of job-seeking
  • internship, practicum, service-learning experience, or major research project opportunities 

Malone University pledges to...

Empower Malone students

to enter their careers and lives with meaning and purpose to serve the church, community, and world.

Provide opportunities for “Pendle Hill moments” when students seek God’s calling and vocational purpose

Students will take classes in their major and General Education (liberal arts core) that help them seek God’s calling as a means of seeking Christ’s Kingdom First.

Provide advising and mentoring to walk the Pendle Hill Path

Students will receive access to advising, mentoring, and guidance to help them work out their callings as a means of developing meaningful and purposeful lives that include service to church, community, and world.

Provide experiential learning along the Path

Students will take classes in their major and General Education (liberal arts core) that allow them to complete at least one of the following: a) an internship/practicum, b) a major research project, c) a semester off-campus program, or d) a course that requires significant service learning. Students who complete all four types of experiences will receive special recognition.

Provide career help in the curricular Path

Students will have access to career planning, preparation, mentoring, and networking in the curriculum in order to help students find meaningful careers.

Are you ready to join us on the path to discovering a purposeful and meaningful life? 

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