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  • Undergraduate Programs

    Search our majors and minors.

  • Graduate Programs

    Find a program that was developed to meet your professional needs.

  • Degree Completion

    The MMP and BSN-DC programs assist you in quickly completing your degree.

  • General Education

    Learn what it means to serve as a faithful agent of transformation in your community.

  • Honors Program

    Study in a learning community that supports intellectually gifted and highly motivated students.

  • 2016-2017 Academic Calendar

    Put these dates in your calendar.

  • Academic Catalog (Online)

    The official word on all things academic at Malone University. The above link is to the undergraduate catalog - select the Graduate catalog from the dropdown menu.

  • Registrar

    Services include registering for classes, transcripts, maintaining academic records, and more!

  • Assessment

    Ensuring that Malone University fulfills its mission.