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Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology
at Malone University

We offer the following degree:

Bring the Mind’s Inner Workings to Life

As part of Malone University’s College of Theology, Arts & Sciences, the Department of Psychology offers a major, a minor, and a liberal arts concentration in Psychology.

As a student of Psychology at Malone, we encourage you to enrich your study of human thought, behavior and emotion by contemplating the connections between Christian faith, learning and living.

Preparations for the Future

Malone's psychology program provides excellent preparation for graduate study, for jobs that emphasize understanding of human behavior and the ability to understand data and to communication effectively, and for intellectual, personal, and interpersonal growth.

Learning about God's Creation

We invite you to join us on our quest for faithful learning about God's most complex and mysterious creation: human beings. The mission of the Department of Psychology is to promote the development of students who can understand, critique, and apply theories, research findings, and methodologies across a broad range of areas within psychology. Furthermore, we provide a supportive context for such development that encourages students to contemplate relationships between the Christian faith and learning and living. We are committed to our students' growth in knowledge, wisdom, and compassion so that they will succeed and serve in their future educational, career, and personal endeavors.

Our faculty members are committed to a full and deep understanding of human beings and believe that as such an understanding can be gained by drawing upon the resources of the Christian faith and the discipline of psychology.

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New this summer! Applied and Scientific Psychology Camp was launched on campus during June 2016.

psych camp

The first class of Psychology Camp participants! The camp was taught by Dr. Eb deOliveira, with assistance from Student Mentors (current Malone students) Ross Robertson and Jordyn Ott. 


A highlight of the camp was the training of Sniffy, a rodent simulator in a computerized chamber.

Look for Applied and Scientific Psychology Camp to return in 2017!