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Financial Aid at Malone University

Malone University's Financial Aid Program exists to help you find financial resources for meeting the cost of college. Discover what's available to help you achieve your dreams!

As A Private University, Can Malone Help Me With Financial Aid?

This is a question we hear every day, and the answer is almost always, “Yes, financial aid is available.” Clearly, getting a great education that integrates faith with learning in a private college setting is an investment that requires a realistic partnership between both the family and the university. But getting you the skills you need to not only make a living, but also to make a life is our first priority.

More Than 90 percent of Our Students Receive Some Form of Financial Aid.

Malone wants to make an outstanding college education affordable for every student we enroll. Our main concern is that you have the potential to succeed, the willingness to work, and the personal qualities to grow and prosper as a member of our community.

Have Questions for Malone’s Financial Aid Department?

Please contact us if you have any further questions at svanvq+znybar+rqh.