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The Program in Creative Writing

The goal of the Creative Writing Program is to offer not only a curriculum conducive to the study of writing, but to build a culture where writers are supported and challenged to grow as artists. You will have opportunities to meet and work with visiting writers, to travel to conferences, compete in contests, to work on publications and be part of an active arts community. Above all, you will work closely with faculty and peers on your writing, forging literary friendships and getting a solid start on the lifelong work of becoming a writer.

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We Are A Community of Writers

Through wide reading and studious practice, by trusting our gifts and working together as fellow writers, we explore and test what John Keats called "the holiness of the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination." We cultivate courage and integrity in students whose faithfulness to their calling is evident in the attention and commitment they show their work.

We struggle to write better, to be better, in the hope that art can add some measure of beauty to the world. 

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