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University Relations

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of University Relations is to ensure that the Malone story, institutional mission, and educational goals are communicated (both internally and externally) in a context of overall concern for the well-being of the University and its constituents.

Specifically, we communicate with the media and the community via news releases, www.malone.edu, and publications such as Malone Magazine and the annual report. 

Our Services

University Relations provides on-campus assistance with web content, print publications, and media relations.

Web Content & Support Services:

Maintaining a current web site is a collaborative effort involving many individuals from across all of the academic departments and support services of Malone University. The Department of University Relations maintains the University’s home page and news and events pages and provides the design templates for the entire site. (For the Athletics Website, please see http://www.malonepioneers.com/.) We offer assistance to other departments way of copy writing, editing, and customized web design for pages on www.malone.edu and blog.malone.edu. The department also assists in the way of arranging photographic shoots and video production to augment website content.

Print Publications:

The Department of University Relations is responsible for writing, editing, designing, and publishing the award winning Malone Magazine three times per year, as well as the annual report. In addition, the department serves the campus community with the design, editing, and publishing of collateral materials including (but not limited to) brochures, fliers, posters, programs, and advertisements.

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Media Relations:

University Relations coordinates all media contacts for the University, including news releases to academic and professional journals, magazines, newspapers, radio, television; as well as posting announcements on regional online calendars and social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter). The departmental director serves as University spokesperson, screens media calls, and arranges for print and on-air interviews with university faculty, staff, and students. Additional means of communication employed by media relations staff include (but are not limited to) route 62 sign, campus calendar, school and church emailing lists, and internal vehicles (community / student email lists, chapel slides, table tents, posted newsletter announcements, campus radio and TV stations).


Contact Us

Office Phone Number:

We are located on the third floor of Founders Hall.