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Welcome Parents

You’ve invested a lifetime into your student; we appreciate the trust you now put in us to continue to nurture his or her intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.

Orientation FamilyBelow are some links we believe you'll find helpful - everything from scholarship information and financial aid to a glimpse inside your student's life at Malone.

 Keep in Touch, Stay Informed

Congratulations to families of the Class of 2017!
Visit the Graduation website.

Malone families are invited to Homecoming, Little Sibs Weekend, Malone Theatre productions, lectures, campus concerts, zoo shows, art exhibits and other events.

Complete the
Family Information Form to receive notifications of campus events planned especially for families.

Student transcripts are available electronically when you register at www.malone.edu/transcripts.

During the academic year, keep up with what is happening on campus by visiting www.malone.edu/daily or subscribe below to have news briefs delivered to your email. 

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