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Spiritual Life

“Christ’s Kingdom First” states clearly the Christian commitment at Malone University, and our offices encourage and facilitate this culture of faith throughout campus.

Campus spiritual life is part of what makes Malone so unique; therefore, our offices strive to show how to integrate Christian faith into every facet of life.
Our aim is to contribute to every student's growth by building him/her up to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Our offices are here to serve and care for you. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any spiritual issues/needs, prayer needs, and ideas/comments about Spiritual Formation Opportunities. Feel free to visit our offices in the Randall Campus Center ("the Barn").

Our goals in everything we do are:

  • to understand and develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • for the University community to understand and experience a deeper relationship with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through worship, which is indispensable for personal wholeness
  • to understand the implications of the Christian faith by addressing pertinent character, cultural, and theological issues leading to a life-long commitment to service, and consequently to positively influencing our campus culture
  • to address our cultural tendency toward individualism by providing a forum which uniquely reinforces a sense of campus community and identity.