Zoo and Wildlife Biology: A Significant Step Above A Traditional Zoology Degree

Pursue Your Passion for Animals and God's Creation at Malone’s Zoo and Wildlife Biology Program

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind program that seamlessly merges a deep love for animals with biblically-sound values.

Our Zoo and Wildlife Biology program goes beyond the typical zoology degree, offering a focused approach to caring for captive animals, while still providing a well-rounded study of animals. If you prefer more than just a typical zoology education, you’ll want a program that emphasizes specialized, hands-on experiences as you care for God’s creation.

Malone’s distinct focus on captive animal care vs. a typical zoology degree

Unlike a traditional zoology degree, our Zoo and Wildlife Biology Program equips you with both the knowledge and skills necessary to stand out in your field - especially in an animal caretaker situation similar to a zoo, animal sanctuary, or as part of a wildlife rehabilitation effort.

While a typical zoology degree offers similar coursework, you'll find the breadth and depth of both coursework and experiences in our Zoo and Wildlife Biology program to be superior (and more fun!).

Exploring the wide world of wildlife

As part of our zoo and wildlife biology program, you’ll be introduced to a wide array of animal-specific career opportunities.
Do you ultimately want to be a zookeeper? You’ll thrive in this program.
Or maybe you’d prefer to become a state biologist? This program is for you, too.
What if you’ve always wanted to be a wildlife officer, park ranger, environmental educator, wildlife rehabilitation specialist, or environmental scientist? Good news! You’ll have a solid, comprehensive foundation for any one of these careers.

As your passion for animals evolves, our curriculum and experiences ensure you’re well-prepared to specialize in the field that resonates with you the most.

Hands-on experience from day one

One of Malone’s standout features is our commitment to hands-on learning. Many zoology programs delay interaction with live animals, but at Malone, you’ll begin your hands-on education right away!

Fall in love with Malone’s on-campus zoo!

Launch Experience

With our very own “zoo” on-campus, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of animals, including invertebrates, freshwater and saltwater fish, native and exotic amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. This early immersion provides you with a significant advantage, as you’ll build practical skills and a deeper connection to animals – experiences that are critical to helping you in the real world.

Animal husbandry, training, scientific research, and environmental monitoring

Malone has an informal research partnership with Akron Zoo and several other local institutions including Stark Parks, Beech Creek Botanical Gardens, and Clover Field Wildlife Care.

Wild internship opportunities

Ok - maybe “wild” is strong way of putting it, but you’re going to love your extra-curricular options!
Our strong partnerships with organizations in Ohio, such as Clover Field and state parks, ensure you have the chance to gain real-world experience during your internships.

Proximity to major zoos and aquariums

Located near some of the nation’s leading zoos and aquariums, you’ll have access to top-tier internships, class trips, and learning opportunities. Our students have interned all around the world in more than 100 locations since 2012, including the Akron Zoo, the Columbus Zoo, with the Navy Marine Mammal Program, OSA Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica, and the Ashia Cheetah Experience and ZA Cheetah Conservation in South Africa. Where in the world will you go?

Caring for God’s creation

At Malone, our faith is an integral part of our Zoo and Wildlife Biology program. We believe in nurturing animals with the same love, kindness, and compassion that we apply to our Christian values, something you may not experience in a secular zoology program. Our students graduate not only as competent professionals but also as individuals prepared to make a difference in the lives of the creatures they care for.

Pair your Zoo and Wildlife Biology major with amazing minors

We encourage students to explore additional interests by pairing their Zoo and Wildlife Biology major with incredible minors.

Marine Biology minor

Intrigued by marine life? Our Marine Biology minor is a highly sought-after option. With travel opportunities, such as annual trips to Florida and courses in partnership with Au Sable in Washington State, this minor broadens your horizons.

Furthermore, Malone students can obtain SCUBA certification for free, thanks to the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation grant we've received for nearly a decade.

Wildlife Rehabilitation minor

Do the amazing work of caring for injured, orphaned, or otherwise distressed wildlife! We’ll help you develop the skills necessary to assist wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitats!

Other notable minors related to our Zoo & Wildlife Biology program (or even a zoology degree)

You might also be interested in other minors, including chemistry and environmental sciences, to complement your major and expand your skill set.

Apply to Malone’s Zoo and Wildlife Biology Program

This program is the perfect choice if you are passionate about animals, faith, and a future in the world of zoology. Our unique combination of specialization, hands-on experience, and a commitment to God's creatures sets us apart as the ideal place to launch your rewarding career in animal care.

Apply to Malone today and take your first steps toward becoming an animal advocate and expert.

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