Our aggressive recruitment and retention efforts continue and have led to encouraging results from the Fall to Spring Semester when compared to previous years. Additional focus was putting on increasing the number of transfers and readmits for the January starts.

January traditional undergraduate transfers/readmits

  • Spring 2018 – 30
  • Spring 2017 – 22
  • Spring 2016 – 27

Graduate and Professional Studies

We also experienced a 20 student increase in January starts for the Graduate and Professional Studies programs.

Program New Students January 2018 New Students January 2017
Education 7 7
MAOL 14 15
MBA 15 9
Counseling 24 21
Degree Completion 10* 0
Social Work Degree Completion 2 0
Total 72 52


  • The degree completion program did not have a January start in 2017. The new structure of program allows students to begin every seven weeks.
  • We will have two class starts for the RN to BSN in March.
  • The Learning House transition is going well. These numbers reflect one student recruited by Learning House. We are anticipating the first significant impact of the partnership to be evident in March.


Several changes were made this fall to our strategies for supporting our students at risk for persisting and graduating. We added a GEN 101 class with support mentoring for all new freshmen with academic challenges. We added career counseling support for all students, and have increased that support this spring. Our Center for Student Success communicated better with faculty about students in their classes who were on probation.

Toward the end of the semester, Dr. King wrote to at-risk students to offer his assistance, and campus offices followed up. All of this work led to strong results in fall to spring retention with positive trends in three out of four classes. Particularly encouraging is the Freshman retention rate. We are in an excellent place and can focus on building into next fall rather than fixing it. 

Cohort 2018 2017
Fall 2017 89.6% 88.3%
Fall 2016 66.7% 72%
Fall 2015 61.3% 57.2%

University Enrollment Totals

Enrollment Segment Spring 2018 Spring 2017
Full-time undergraduate 952 950
Part-time undergraduate 72 86
College Credit Plus (CCP) 118 38
Degree Completion 115 131
Graduate  356 365
Total 1613 1570

The positive new student trend and increase retention is allowing the school to grow as we are 43 students higher than last year.

Undergraduate Application Data

Year Applications Admits Deposits
2018 1521 950 34
2017 1427 849 38
2016 1339 798 36