Anna Meadows, Director of the Center for Student Success

How long have you been at Malone University?

15 years.

What attracted you to work at Malone?

I love the community at Malone! We not only work together to help students achieve their academic goals, but we walk alongside them as they discover who they are as children of God. We mentor, teach, and serve students.

What do you enjoy most about your job responsibilities?

I enjoy helping students discover and reach their full potential. Oftentimes, I see small hurdles that are hindering their academic success. Once I help students to problem-solve those hurdles, they have more time to devote to their studies.

How do you answer when asked to describe Malone’s brand of education?

Malone is a community of learning that values service, mentoring, and leadership development. We desire to develop the whole student, not just the academic part of their life.

How would you describe Malone students?

Unique, kind, and forward-thinking.

How has working at Malone shaped your individual faith journey?

Malone has deepened my faith and broadened the scope of it. I have learned so much about myself and my faith, and have encountered many strong students and faculty/staff of faith on our campus. 

Describe your colleagues and their commitment to Malone?

My colleagues are truly here to serve students. We love what we do, and are committed to the mission of the University.

Where were you born and how is that reflected in your personality?

I was born in Galion, Ohio, a small town near central Ohio. I grew up being taught a strong work ethic, and it is still a large part of who I am. Also, I grew up with a large extended family so community is very important to me.