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Academic Excellence

Malone University counseling graduates pass NCE exam at 90%


CANTON, Ohio-- Each year, Malone University counseling students take the National Counselor Examination (NCE) to obtain licensure to practice. During 2020, 90% of Malone clinical mental health counseling graduates who took the NCE passed the exam needed for licensure! This is above the national pass rate average, which was 80% for Fall 2020.


Business Administration student creates nonprofit to enhance his community


Before ever graduating from high school, Jalen Turner '22 created a nonprofit organization because he wanted to make a difference in his community. Restoration Community Care Center was launched in 2014 to help those in poverty in Stark County and surrounding areas by providing them with everyday necessities.

Hands On Learning

Malone prepares to renew Tree City designation by improving the campus environment


Malone fulfilled the requirements for a Tree Campus in 2017 with the support of Jason Courter, associate professor of biology and Cynthia Johnson '70. The campus Treewalk project (planned by Johnson and Mike Goff '66) continues Malone's certification and provides an educational experience for the community. Johnson petitioned the Collegium to name the Treewalk in honor of Charles King, professor of botany at Malone College from 1961-1972, who impacted many students to love God’s creation. The Treewalk was dedicated on September 28, 2018.


Cross country coach brings the US Track-sanctioned 6K event to Canton


Christina Oprean, Malone’s head cross country coach/women, has always wanted to host a running event that inspired purpose, empowerment, and meaning. Over the years, Oprean has discovered that she wants to impact the lives of young ladies, specifically young runners, and knew she wanted to focus a running event on that.